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Twenty Four Hours in Your Day... Zero Hours for Laundry.
You are a busy professional.  You want to look your best,  make time for yourself,  
and eliminate distractions from your day..

Today is the day you give yourself the break you need and have one less errand to
run.  Call us,  and your garments will be Taken 2 The Cleaners for you!  
Quality & Service - Our Specialty
Your expensive suit needs the most delicate care and attention.  We exercise
extreme care and detail in dry cleaning your finest garments.  We are Milwaukee's  
preferred dry cleaner for safely handling your finest clothing.
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We founded the free dry cleaning pick up and delivery service in the Milwaukee
area!  We are committed to making your life easier by taking one less task off  of
your to do list.    Schedule your
Milwaukee Dry Cleaning Service Pick Up today!
Dry Cleaning.  Alterations. Shoe Repair.
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